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3 September
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80's, all american rejects, animals, benny and joon, best friends, blink 182, boys, boys with blue eyes, boys with brown hair, british boys, california, cameras, candy, carnivals, chanel, chocolate, clearly canadian, clothes, colors, converse, cookies, dan radcliffe, dancing, daniel radcliffe, danny elfman, donnie darko, driving, dvd's, earrings, eating, edward, edward scissor hands, england, eyeliner, fashion, faux hawks, flowers, flying, food, franz ferdinand, ghetto phones, gilbert grape, glitter, grawp, green, gryffindor, gum, hair, harry potter, hearts, hello kitty, hersheys, hogwarts, hollywood, hot hot heat, i am sam, ice cream, ikea, iming, incubus, indie movies, indie music, instant messages, italian, jake gyllenhaal, jk rowling, john christopher depp, johnny depp, kisses, large marge, laughing, leonardo dicaprio, lipgloss, lips, lipstick, magazines, makeup, malls, markers, modest mouse, money, movies, nail polish, nelly furtado, new york, no doubt, pasta, pee wee, pee wee's big adventure, perfume, pictures, pink, pirates of the carribean, pitching, polka dots, prank calls, punk, puppies, purses, queer eye, reading, road to perdition, ron, rooney, root beer, screaming, september 3rd, sex pistols, shoes, shopping, singing, skat girls, skating, skatting, skirts, sleepovers, softball, sparkles, spikey hair, spring, stars, stripes, suck a fuck, summer, talk shows, target, text messaging, the beach, the breakfast club, the city, the clash, the killers, the nightmare before christmas, the strokes, tim burton, traveling, urban outfitters, voldemort, weekends, writing, y tu mama tambien, yellowcard, yorkies